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Dinner spots in Antwerp, our favourites

When I’m on holiday I’m always looking for locals’ tips for dinner. Tripadvisor is fed too much with tourists reviewing restaurants in tourist quarters. I don’t know why it is, but I only write reviews and rate restaurants when travelling, almost never at home. That’s why, the foodie in me wants to share our favourite dining spots in Antwerp. Most are not located in the historic centre, all are worth a bike or metro ride, trust me! De Pelgrim Address:…

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5 Vietnamese must-try dishes in that are not Pho

1. Vietnamese BBQ Vietnamese BBQ is a real sharing dish. We had one in Hanoi in a street full of small BBQ restaurants, good mix of locals and tourists, and a super buzzing atmosphere. You will get a super hot grill/bbq topped with tinfoil. you put on some oil and start baking. I think this might have been the most cosy and fun dinner of the entire trip, I will never forget the buzz and the sounds in that street.…

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