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7 things you must do / see when in Namibia

Every country has its highlights, not every country has as many as Namibia does. There’s a different view after every few kilometers. Moonlike landscapes, complete silence and the most incredible wildlife. Here’s our top 7 things to see in Namibia. 1. Cape Cross Only a short drive from Swakopmund, Cape Cross is so unique that the extra hour of driving is almost instantly forgotten. The incredible smell might have something to do with that. 2. Camp around Spitzkoppe Spitzkoppe is…

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2 days in Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

Sossusvlei and Deadvlei are perfect examples of places you just can’t skip when visiting Namibia. They are both located in the Namib desert inside the Namib Nauklauft National Park. Below, we’ll describe our perfect two days to get the most out of your time in this beautiful part in Namibia without paying too much. Arrival at the entrance of the Namib Nauklauft Park (afternoon) After a long day in the jeep, we arrive at the gates of the park, just…

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What to pack for a camping trip in Namibia

To give you a little context. We went on a 3-week road trip end May to start fo June. We did the 3-week tour in a 4×4 with a rooftop tent (see picture on top). The 4×4 had camping equipment like a folding table, cutlery, plates, a gas burner… It might be a good idea to check if your rental company provides it as well, since it will be quite a hassle to bring it if you travel by plane…

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Travel costs for a three week road trip in Namibia

Traveling through Africa is on lots of people’s bucket list. The budget for it is not in everyone’s wallet though. In this post, we give a short overview of which costs to expect during a three week road trip through one of Africa’s pure diamonds, Namibia. To be clear from the beginning, budget wise, there are basically two ways to travel through Namibia without having everything planned up front by an agency: camping or sleeping in fancy lodges. The price…

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driving in Namibia

Itinerary and highlights of our three week road trip in Namibia

In 2017, Ine and myself travelled through Namibia for three weeks. “Namibia, that’s Africa, right?” It’s actually just above South Africa and west of Botswana. It’s also one of the least populated countries in the world, but still relatively easy to travel around. We decided to rent a gigantic 4×4 with a rooftop tent. This is what it looks like, Combined with 50% of our tour group: This seemed to be the best option because the only alternative is expensive lodges that…

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