Travel costs for a three week road trip in Namibia

Traveling through Africa is on lots of people’s bucket list. The budget for it is not in everyone’s wallet though. In this post, we give a short overview of which costs to expect during a three week road trip through one of Africa’s pure diamonds, Namibia.

To be clear from the beginning, budget wise, there are basically two ways to travel through Namibia without having everything planned up front by an agency: camping or sleeping in fancy lodges. The price difference is immense and so is the real Africa experience in our opinion. While you’re here, check out our itinerary for 3 weeks in Namibia as well.

Our way of traveling through Namibia

Cost overview

Below you can find an overview of the costs for 3 weeks of road tripping and camping through Namibia. All amounts are in Euro, for 2 people and based on a road trip in the period May/June.

  • Costs before departure / preparation
    • Malaria prevention pills: 80 euros
      • Only necessary in the more northern parts of Namibia.
    • Double sleeping bag: 120 euros
      • Worth every cent since it cools down to 5°C at night.
    • basic camping stuff: 100 euros
      • Head lights, cheap binoculars,…
  • Transportation
    • Return flights from Belgium to Windhoek: 560 euros
    • Car rental: we paid around 1400 euros for 22 days.
      • This includes airport pick-up, rooftop tent, camping and cooking equipment and an electric fridge.
      • We hired from Aloe Car Hire in Windhoek. Highly recommended.
  • Food and supplies
    • Grocery shopping: 400 euros in total
      • Once in Windhoek, once in Swakopmund
    • Restaurants: 220 euros in total
      • This was for 5 restaurant visits: Windhoek (2x), Luderitz, Swakopmund (2x), Sossusvlei and Waterberg.
  • Campsites (and 3 hostel nights)
    • Campsites: 490 euros
      • Varying from 12 euros/night to 38,5/night in Etosha
    • Hostels in Windhoek and Swakopmund: 50 euros
      • In cities, comfy campsites are very hard to find, so we opted for hostels. A real bed once in a while does feel good.
  • Other
    • Gas for the 4×4: around 500 euros
    • Entrance fees: 100 euros
      • Etosha, Namib Nauklauft, Deadvlei, Kolmanskop, Cheetah Conservation Fund
    • Firewood: 30 euros
    • Sandboarding: 80 euros
    • Guided tour in local village: 20 euros
    • Guided walking safari in Waterberg: 35 euros
    • Broken windshield on the car: 25 euros


First of all, also make sure to check out our overview of what to pack for a trip like this.
In total, this comes down to 4.210 euros for the two of us. We’ve probably spent a couple of hundred euros more to some drinks and small practicalities. Having a bigger budget in Namibia will surely offer you more comfort, but we feel like it’s no guarantee to see more of this amazing country. We probably could have traveled even cheaper, but we felt that a meal in a nice restaurant and a comfy bed was actually worth every cent now and then.

That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz

Lorde, Royals

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