What to pack for a camping trip in Namibia

To give you a little context. We went on a 3-week road trip end May to start fo June. We did the 3-week tour in a 4×4 with a rooftop tent (see picture on top). The 4×4 had camping equipment like a folding table, cutlery, plates, a gas burner… It might be a good idea to check if your rental company provides it as well, since it will be quite a hassle to bring it if you travel by plane like we did. But still a camping trip will require some extra packing. This lists includes things you should bring from home. Stuff it does not include is basically everything you will be able to buy when you do your grocery shopping in Windhoek (like tin foil, matches and stuff like that).

Our camping packing list:

1. Headlamp – Decathlon – €5 / 2. Fleece blanket – Ikea – €3.5 / 3. Swiss knive – Victorinox – €26.99 / 4. Camping light – Decathlon – €10 / 5. Twin sleeping bag – Sprayway – €119.95

  1. A twin sleeping bag. We loved it. Sleeping in two separate sleeping bags for a day or two is perfectly fine. But when you will be sleeping in a tent for 18 out of 21 nights it’s quite nice to be able to cuddle up a little 🙂 . Plus the nights were pretty cold so the cuddling up was quite functional sometimes as well.
  2. A pillow to be able to get som proper sleep. I think we had pillows included but they were like 5cm thick, not my cup of tea.
  3. A camping light. It gets dark early and most of the campsites we stayed at had no or almost no lights, so be sure to bring your own. The ideal camping light can be set on a table outside and has a hook to hang up in your tent afterwards.
  4. Headlights. They don’t look super sexy, we were rather reluctant at first, bought them, had a laugh at the store, but ended up having them on our heads almost every night, all night.
  5. Batteries to keep your lamps alive.
  6. A Swiss knive. Basic camping gear, the wine opener, beer opener and scissors will be used without a doubt. Don’t count on all these essentials being present in your 4×4.
  7. Stuff to keep you warm. Temperatures drop quickly at night in Namibia in May and June (Minimum temperature 10°C and lower). We never got super cold, but be prepared. Socks, a sweater, and a fleece blanket keep you comfortable outside. Other periods minimum temperatures are much higher so this will probably be completely unnecessary.

If you have more essentials that you should not forget to bring from home. Please comment below and I will add them to the list.

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