7 things you must do / see when in Namibia

Every country has its highlights, not every country has as many as Namibia does. There’s a different view after every few kilometers. Moonlike landscapes, complete silence and the most incredible wildlife. Here’s our top 7 things to see in Namibia.

1. Cape Cross

Cape Cross, Namibia

Only a short drive from Swakopmund, Cape Cross is so unique that the extra hour of driving is almost instantly forgotten. The incredible smell might have something to do with that.

2. Camp around Spitzkoppe


Spitzkoppe is one of those natural phenomenons that are actually just odd. But in a brilliant way. We’ve never seen anything like it, and the fact that you can camp all around it, makes it extra magical. The campsites around this rock formation are simply stunning. Read our full itinerary to check where we booked our spot.



It’s on the cover of almost every book about Namibia. It’s something you look forward to for weeks. And when you arrive at the spot, it’s exactly what you hoped it would be. An out of this world landscape that is as strange as it is beautiful. Read here how we spend 2 days in the area.

4. Take a free guided tour in Kolmanskop


Kolmanskop is a deserted village, eaten by the desert. If that wouldn’t be strange enough, it was also inhabited by diamond searching Germans and their families around 70 years ago. The entrance fee is very cheap, the tours are free. A great reminder of what Namibia used to be like.

5. Walk around Waterberg National Park

Waterberg Plateau

After the hustle in Etosha, take your time for a visit to this beautiful part of our planet. The Waterberg plateau is an area rich of wildlife and quiet as the night. The restaurant offers great food and an unbelievable view and you can book a cheap walking safari on top of the plateau.

6. Watch wildlife in Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

When visiting Namibia, try going to Etosha at the end of your trip. Not being spoiled with wildlife at the beginning will make the first part of your trip so much more exciting. In Etosha, you can spot wildlife every time you turn your head. The waterholes are abundant and the wildlife impossible to keep count of. You will spot lions, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, Hyenas, elephants, giraffes, etc.

7. Enjoy the silence at Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

It’s like the Grand Canyon, but without all those annoying humans all over the place. When we visited, there were literally no other visitors. Not one! When seeing it for the first time, it truly takes your breath away. Make sure to also check out our entire itinerary we followed in Namibia.

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